Woman Circles

Wild Fox Woman's Circles.

Inspired by the Full Moon

Taking place at The Hive Yoga Studio, Bath

These circles are lead by Lana and co-hosted by Bex. Offering a space space to express (in your chosen way), be with other like minded individuals and set intentions for the month to follow. 

2 hours of indulgence, with: 

Cacao, intention, cleansing, movement, breath, open circle and sound bath / meditation. 

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What does my yoga mat mean to me? 

Some beautiful words from incredible beings that I have had the pleasure to practice with or guide. 

Taking a moment to acknowledge why something is important to us, can create such a simple amount of fulfillment, enhanced intention and additional beauty in our day.

Thank you everyone for sharing your truth x

Nicki King

I was asked this question the other day, and it made me think! A mat? What do you mean, what does it mean to me?
And then these few short sentences came to mind .......

A place to relax
A place to feel in tune with myself and just be
A place to breathe
A place to feel it’s ok to stop and slow down
A time for me

Strange how a ‘mat’ can bring forth these feelings 🏻

Briony Marshall

What does the yoga mat mean to me?

My yoga mat quiets the noise of my day-to-day existence. The constant demands from my children, the endless to-do lists, all fade away as I come to the mat and connect with the breath.


I find the mat a calming place that connects my mind, body and spirit.


It’s easy to get lost in the chaos of life, but the mat allows me to surrender to the present which is a beautiful gift. I love the feeling I get after I finish a yoga practice, as I feel more balanced, calm and mentally stronger to take on the day.

Annie Moody

Yoga has been in and out of my life over the past 10 years, but my mat keeps calling me back. It's a place for me to switch off and focus purely on my body. 

Life is busy, but that hour calms me, helps me feel connected and brings me back to my breath.

My mat makes me feel strong, empowered, positive and composed. It enables me to be present.

Kate Douglas

It's my time, solely for me and the chance to connect to my body in a different way!

Kylie Rook

My yoga mat means time for me. Time to reconnect to body, mind, spirit. Time to notice how I am feeling day to day. Time to work through emotion, samskara, tension. Time out from the busyness of life. A time to reconnect to essence nature. A time to allow myself to scream, wail, dance, laugh and cry. Time to experience my body fully. Time to breathe space, calm and love through the body. Time to heal and strengthen. Time to practice being with my inner child. A time to play. Time to be still. Time to notice. Time to be with me and however I show up day to day. 

Heather Anhalt

My yoga mat is where i meet myself over, and over again, exactly where I am.


Life is often challenging, busy, and full of circumstances that I might not choose. When I come to my mat, it brings a sense of calm with it. It is almost like coming home, no matter where I am. And it doesn’t matter if I am doing an intense and sweaty yoga practice, a calm yin class, or sitting in meditation - my mat gives me place to be - exactly as I am and to let everything else slip away.


Centering me in that exact moment. My mat reminds me that I am strong, and to breathe, and to laugh, and to cry. It teaches me how to be vulnerable.


My mat is where I meet myself over and over again.  


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Whose Next.....

If you have a moment and would like to share.. I would love to hear and share your words x