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Join myself and Robyn on the last Friday of every month for a beautiful and fun evening, where we relax the structures and move our bodies as a community - have a little Fizz and drop into the essence of being with one another. 

Lock down has shifted and created a heavy energy, the goal of these evenings is bring laughter, light and possibility to a time that has a strange energetic essence. 

Lana and Robyn's playful practices, laughter and heart felt movement hopes to put you in a mood that will let you fizz through the weekend xx 

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Tues 9:30 - 10:45am

15th Sept - 13th Oct


Over the 5 weeks delve into theory, physiology and movements that can encourage release and relief from common back pain. Our modern day lifestyle increases the chance of back pain, due to the movement patterns we encounter on a daily basis, the lifestyle factors we must live within and the emotional state

of our society. Not only this, but lock down has increased sitting time at computers and has most likely encouraged a higher chance of back related issues.

The 5 week course will aim to meet each individual where they are currently at and offer 5 practices that work with the breath, releasing movements, strength
and encouraging both understanding and individual movements to help allow a reduction in particular areas.

In particular Lana will be looking at functional movement, balancing the body structures, weaknesses and strengths, movement patterns and long vs short muscles. There will be time to ask questions and discuss individual requirements, especially due to the smaller group sizes and the more interactive nature of these classes. Yoga offers us an opportunity to connect, with ourselves on a deeper level, this connection can produce incredible shifts within our bodies, from a physical, emotional, mental and

spiritual level.

Lana has suffered from severe back pain, including sprained vertebrae in her upper back, lower disc protrusion and surgery. Yoga offered a solution to this pain and has been a magical tool in her recovery, management and future prevention.


5 week Yoga for Back Health  with Lana King (Move with Lana)

Duration: 75mins per class

Limited to 8 people.

Dates and Time: Tuesday 9:30-10:45am

Starts Tuesday 15th September until 13th October.

At: The Hive Yoga Studio, Beehive Yard, Bath


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