Breath....I'll follow your journey





Simple....isn't it. To breathe?

It takes awareness, just for a short moment to notice

I am breathing in, I am breathing out every moment

But I take you for granted

I forget the beauty and the gift of life you hold, the seeds you have planted

You're not just a breath are you?

You are a message, an opportunity to discover and renew.

Just like a seed that you have offered and I now bestow

If I listen in and look, I see the landscape and the ability to grow

The constant change and re-creation

It is a cycle of wander and elation.

Every breath is a new beginning and a new end

An untold story with a beginning, middle and end

So, for this moment now, let me connect to you

I won't take you for granted I want to travel and learn too

To discover the inner space

As i draw through my own body, with a simple trace

You, the breath, you can help me understand

Those stories that lie in my body, like a mountain of land

But I want to climb these internal mounds

To understand, with you, the breath, their offerings and bounds

As with this awareness, this noticing and time

I can release the tightness, find freedom, like the sky

Where each breath can deepen that little more

Feed my soul with what it is really asking for

To be free of baggage and unnecessary clutter

So you can travel and fill all the space and it's matter

Enlivening my experience to live so extraordinarily

So that each breath, is an individual journey, momentarily.

Breathe in


Breathe out


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