I open my eyes and I can see

I see the world around me

But, like many, my perspective is fraud

It is wrapped in a layer or held still, similar to a boat being moored.

We can only see as far as we can find the power to open our heart to retrieve

There is a big world out there full of incredible things, but do we always believe?

These layers, these bubbles, lining and films of protection

They surround each of us, I believe we have many, quite a collection

They could be so close, they could stick to our skin, like cling film

Or perhaps, they are as far as the eyes can see, running to the earths rim

But, the bubble has a purpose, a sanction you see

It holds within it a space for us to feel free

Freedom can change, as can the space we find ourselves needing to entertain

an area we can swing our arms, sing, dance, cry, shout, encourage sunshine and rain

So what is this poem all about?

Take a moment to honor your bubbles

They have a history, a purpose and can offer you sanction

Stay calm and patient, even if its hard to see far or beyond its walls clearly

There is more truth there, when we are ready and able to move further, into new spaces freely

Life, like a bubble, can change, areas can be popped

Blown up again, full, bigger, different, the options will never stop

Whether we break or expand our bubbles

We can start to see more clearly, start to rid some of the rubble

Don't underestimate the ability you have to expand

To grow, to find freedom, all within life's beautiful plan

Pop the surfaces when and if you are ready, but until then

Enjoy the freedom and the sanctuary within each of them.

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