What does this word mean to you?

At this time in my life, it is a word that continues to seek my attention. One of the practices we can endeavor to offer ourselves, is to release the need to be anyone else. To shed the masks and turn up authentically and real.

Gosh, shouldn't this be easy? It means we must release judgment, comparison, expectation, our indifference's and any requirement of attaining or not attaining particular ideas.

The truth is...we, you, me are all and everything that we need to be. Yet, we are shielded by stories, circumstances and experiences. But, imagine if we could rid these preconditioned holds and let our soul leap forward, sparking the way forward with light and excitement.

There seems to be so much blame around us (maybe heightened at the moment with COVID-19), but blame stems from fear. Imagine you have been brought up and fully believe that to be accepted in this world you must be seen as a highly 'together, smart, well dressed, emotionally strong and financially successful individual'...and oh shit. We are all now locked up and there is no one there to offer you this sense of acceptance. Because, none of that matters. We are born with nothing and we die with nothing, the things we fill our lives with can cause momentary happiness, but to find a lifetime of happiness, or even joy, we must first rid all the external requirements.

We currently have no control over the situation, we might think we can control our lives with routines (guilty), with dedication, with timing, goals, accolades, but it isn't control, it is actually a manipulation of our flow in life. When we release control and accept that ultimately are existence is rather inadequate, perhaps this is a little dark, but it reminds us that it is the simple things that matter, the laughter of our family, the hugs, the beauty in the natural world, the animals, the true love, the peace, the time and the breath.

The first Yama, Ahimsa (non harm) offers an understanding and a first step to live a more whole and joyful life, by learning to approach life from a place of unconditional love. This unconditional love, creates non-harm. If you see your child doing something infuriating, but you tune into 'unconditional love' does your approach and action that is step 1. What about a neighbour? A stranger? A criminal? We can love everything, even when it isn't deemed to be correct. Because, love will always conquer anger, conquer fear and conquer a search for more.

First, find non-harm toward yourself. If you are seeking to make others happy, to change a situation, come back to you....that is where it starts. As when you can sit in life with utter Ahimsa, the love you bestow and radiate will shift and offer those around you gifts that are far greater than you might know.

A baby, a puppy, any newborn beauty, loves him or herself. They aren't trying to make you happy, but you are happy when you are near them as their energy, their purity, their presence, their truth and their being is utterly entrancing.

Spark love for yourself and watch with curiosity as it unfolds.

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