Just a Yoga Mat?

It's still dark, my eyes feel glued and a heaviness sinks me deeper into my bed. But, there is a niggle, an itch to move, to start my day the only way that offers a fulfillment that can be carried throughout. A discipline to discover more, to find my true essence, to allow the unneeded to cascade away, and the raw beauty of feeling whole, feeling peace, feeling space to consume me, even just for a split second. Knowing this second can change my entire day, my entire perspective, my offerings and actions.

So I move and I roll out my little black mat. Just by the window, the beautiful window that slithers between myself and the great outdoors. Yet, we are all still in the same space, still moving within the same moment, the only thing that separates me from 'outside' is my story that the window holds a protection or shield between the two of us, but if I let my awareness drift beyond this idea...I can be on my mat, and not just alone, but with the whole world.

Oh, so much more than just a mat. A sanctuary, a place of safety, where I learn so much.

It is where I grow, where with effort and with no effort find space in my body and therefore in my life. I connect to my greater community and I connect to the deeper parts of myself.

Wow so much more than a mat.

This morning, I was reminded of this, when for a split second everything drifted away, I felt like I was completely at peace. A sense of freedom. Freedom within the world, but still on my little black mat.

This place, my rectangular thing, holds the power to delve deeper than anything else. It lets me seek my true essence and rid the boundless mud that attempts to cover it up. So I can be truly authentic in this world and bring something greater and more real, to the actions I take on each given day.

It may not be a mat for you, but these sacred places, these small moments can build, they can offer a release, whether it is sitting in the sun and noticing the heat, drinking a cup of tea and allowing the moment to consume you, taking a huge breath and feeling it wash through your body or watching a child smile or laugh uncontrollably. Let these incredible moments consume you, fill you up and liven your entire being.

Today, this week - I am incredibly grateful for the stillness that we have had thrust-ed upon us. The ability to sit still and become alert to the beauty of this little black mat, the sanctuary that doesn't hold as many stories or expectations, but moments of freedom.

My little black mat.

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