So.....Lock Down Ae?!

So, We are in, 'lock down'. We are ALL in lock down. Not just England, not just Europe, New Zealand, but the world. How amazing is that. A universal lock down? wow. What does this mean? .. Well, I am certainly not going to answer that, because I can't. That is the best thing right now, there is no ability to control. I mean, are we ever in control? Personally, my learning says we are not, never have been and never will be. But, due to the schedules we produce, the structure we allow our lives to find themselves in, we think that we are in control, but we never are really. Are we? Does the idea of not having control scare you? Gosh it would have scared the living daylights out of me a few years ago and it still sends a semi unwanted shiver through my spine. But, the essence of releasing control and allowing ourselves to relish in life is not just calming, it is releasing and empowering. To be... just to be who you are... to simply exist is enough. It always has been. And it always will be. Without the titles, the accolades, the approval and appraisal. To know, in the true essence of your being that you are enough. Yoga teaches us that there is numerous steps to move through and discover in this lifetime and one of the hardest ideas to move through, is the fear of death, now, why did I bring this topic up. It scares so many of us. But, ultimately the fear surrounds the inability to control the outcome. And that is OK, it is OK to fear, but what if it wasn't scary. What if, releasing control then allows you to step forward as your greatest self. Your extraordinary self. The one constant in life is our breath, we are born and we inhale.Then we do that over and over again. Breathe in and breathe out. Until we breathe out one last time. So the time we have to breathe is a gift. A pure and wonderful gift. Nothing has actually changed. You are still breathing in this 'lock down' scenario, and I hope it makes you more present with what is. Are you chasing new goals? New distractions? or can you sit and be present with the very myriad of emotions and feelings that are beginning to find their way into your life. How incredible, to have an opportunity to be with you. I sit here and write, no cap, just pen to paper for 15mins or so and see what comes out and then I share. There is no filter, there is no review. This is my raw thoughts, today! They will change like everything in life and tomorrow will be different, but this is a freeing experience and is an opportunity to express, to not think, to just write. To let the mind and body connect for a fraction of a second and express the deeper sensations that flood my body and being daily. Thank you for the space and the time to share my thoughts Lana x NB: If you can take 15mins, maybe 5mins to journal, to speak, to sing, to play an instrument, paint, move or do anything that offers you a chance to express how you are feeling... then do it. Why not? Remove the excuses. Make the time. Don't let things fester, let things find their freedom and in doing so, you are offering a path of freedom to yourself also.

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